A bag of regrets

Hi again guys and girls, and welcome to this week’s blog. I am overwhelmed by the kind emails I have received regarding last weeks very honest post. In the same flavour, I want to this week discuss some regrets which I have been faced with during this weeks progression. It is not a pity party, it is simply me realising and accepting some of the things I have done wrong, and maybe giving myself some tips and pointers for next time. 

So, this week, I got extremely drunk. Now to anyone who is on my friends list on Facebook, this will be no surprise to you guys as I’ve been suffering from a two day hangover. However, being in my drunken state, I make the not-so wise decision to text someone special with my drunken words of how much I like them…. Well…. I say it like this. What I actually said was the L bomb. Yes people, I said the l word to him. Big mistake. Over the past few days, during my recovering, I have been forced to deal with the fact that now he has sent me one text in the past 3 days. This is very unusual as it is usually constant texting. Furthermore, I regret this decision because I shouldn’t have said it. It was the wrong thing to say in our situation. But, I have apologised, and still no contact so I guess I have blown it. But, if he is reading this then I just want him to know that, as said previously, I hate how little tact I have when it comes to situations such as this. In future, I will have my phone conviscated if drunk, but I’ve decided I’m never going to get that drunk again. The hangover is killing me. 

Furthermore, i discussing with a childhood friend all my ex’s and how we split up etc. I came to the conclusion that I regret not being able to move on from my last one quicker than I did. I mean to say, I have been single for 4 years since him, and that is a seriously long time for me to be sat alone thinking “god what is he doing now? Does he have a new girl? Could things have worked”. I decide that this was unhealthy, and that in future, when I eventually find a boyfriend, and if it doesn’t work out, I will not have a pity party for four years and brood over whether it could have worked had things been different. Everything happens for a reason. The film ‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ uses a quote which I have taken to heart recently and have started to use as a mantra for life, and in my quest to find love.. 

Everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not alright, it is not the end.  

I have decided that being single is great and has its advantages, however, if I truly do not see myself ending up as a spinster, but I am still single, then everything is not alright. Therefore, it cannot yet be the end of this thrilling adventure called life. It will be alright, when my happy ending arrives. 

Although, this has been a rather short blog post, and I promise that next week you will all be given an essay-like post, I wish to leave you all with a strong message about regrets. This is, that you can always regret things in life. You can regret saying one thing or another, or doing something you know was wrong. However, this regret is only hindering you from your personal development. So let go of regret, let go of restrictions, and live your life to the full. 

Thanks for reading. See you all again next time. 

C, x.


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